If your much-used puzzle is no longer in good condition, APIECE products are fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

If at some point you no longer wish to hang onto your gently used puzzle, please donate, regift, swap, etc. to pass it along to someone else!

Another option is to trade in your gently used APIECE-branded puzzle for credit in the form of an APIECE gift card! (See infographic below for how.)

Trade-in applies to APIECE products ONLY. APIECE's trade-in program does NOT accept puzzles manufactured by any other company. 

APIECE will inspect your traded-in puzzle and assess the value of a gift card to send to you for future use on the APIECE website.

Trade-ins are appraised in terms of APIECE gift card value ONLY. APIECE gift cards are valid ONLY at The amount of issued gift card value is the sole, final decision of APIECE.

A used/traded-in puzzle will never be sold by APIECE as "new."

IMPORTANT: APIECE does not pay for or reimburse shipping for trade-ins.

IMPORTANT: The decision to trade in a puzzle is FINAL. APIECE will not mail back any trade-in item for any reason.