APIECE is a super-small American business! 

Every APIECE puzzle is produced in the USA with recycled cardboard and non-toxic, plant-based inks.
In addition, APIECE puzzles are packaged with the following eco-friendly materials:
- Compostable, biodegradable, plastic-free biofilm bags, made in North America (Canada & USA)
- Reusable drawstring bags made of unbleached 100% cotton, grown and sewn in the USA 
- Recyclable 100% recycled paper/cardstock/chipboard inserts, made and printed in the USA

Orders from the APIECE website are hand-packed for shipment using:
- Recyclable zero-waste thermal-paper labels, made in the USA
- Recyclable fiberglass-free recycled-paper tape, made in the USA
- Recyclable corrugated recycled-cardboard boxes, made in the USA

In packaging for retail, APIECE also uses:
- Compostable, biodegradable, plastic-free, wood-based cellophane, stickers and labels, made in the USA
- Recyclable 100% recycled-paper bags, made in the USA

All gift-wrapping options offered by APIECE feature:
- Recyclable 100% recycled paper and cardstock, made in the USA  

APIECE reuses and repurposes boxes for shipping and/or storage, in addition to recycling.